Facebook for WordPress


facebook has recently released a new feature o socialising on wordpress.I didn’t tried it but it seems to be a great for wordpress.Here are the steps to install:

Facebook for WordPress enables you to make your site social in a couple of clicks. No coding needed.

How to Install

  1. Install Facebook for WordPress either via the WordPress.org plugin directory, or by uploading the plugin to your server (in the/wp-content/plugins/ directory).
  2. After activating the plugin, you will be asked to set up your Facebook app(via https://developers.facebook.com/apps), with step-by-step instructions.
  3. That’s it. You’re ready to go! You should see the settings page below.

Social Publishing and Mentions

When a Post or Page is published, it can be distributed to Facebook in a number of ways. Here’s a walk through.
The author can choose to mention Facebook friends or pages. They can also specify a message that will be posted with the content.
Once published, the content of the post of page will show up on all of the friends and pages’ Facebook Timelines, resulting in more distribution for your site.
Once published, mentions show up in the post itself.
Depending on your settings, it will also appear on Facebook Timelines including
  • The author’s Facebook Timeline as an Open Graph action.
  • Any Facebook friends or pages’ Timeline that was mentioned as part of the post.
  • A Facebook Page of your choosing, where all of your site’s content is published once it’s live.

Social Plugins on WordPress Posts and Pages

Many social plugins are offered and can be easily enabled on the settings page.
  • LikeSend, and Subscribe buttons
  • Comments, including SEO support (so that search engines can index the comments)
  • Recommendations Bar, which allows users to click to start getting recommendations, Like content, and add what they’re reading to Timeline as they go

WordPress Widgets

The plugin also supports WordPress Widgets, allowing you to easily drag-and-drop the social features that you want into your site’s sidebars.
Download the plugin at http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/facebook to get started!

Enable Publishing to an Author’s Timeline

Once you’ve enabled “Publish to author’s Timeline”, you will need to set up the publish action in your app settings.
Follow these easy steps.
  • Go to https://developers.facebook.com/apps and click on your app
  • Click the ‘Open Graph’ tab.
  • Click ‘Create New Action Type’. You should see the dialog below.
  • Enter ‘publish’ and click ‘Submit’.
  • For ‘Connected Object Types:’, enter ‘article’ and click on the auto-complete.
    In order for these posts to authors’ Timelines to be public, you will need to submit your action for approval.

    • Authenticate with Facebook in the WordPress control panel (you will see a status message at the top, asking you to do so).
    • Publish a post or page to your WordPress site. You should see the post on your Timeline. You can delete the blog post.
    • Go back to the Open Graph tab in your app settings and click on the ‘Submit’ link next to the new publish action. This submits it for approval, which allows the public to see content posted from the author.
    • Now, all authors on your WordPress blog will see a notification at the top of the admin control panel prompting them to authenticate with Facebook. Once they do that, all of their new Posts and Pages will post to their Timeline.
    You’re finished!

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