How to post images to Instagram without crop

Instagram is now becoming a fever among youngesters , selfies , travel pictures, photography and bla bla . People update their every moment of life on it ,But the main issue while posting images to Instagram is that , the picture must be in Square shape .


Otherwise you can’t upload it without cropping it and cropping means that you have to miss your main objects from the image .
To fix this issue there is a app called sqaureit , which is capable of fixing this issue .

How does SQUAREIT works ?
Sqaureit app simply adds some white background to make the image in sqaure shape and then can be fit into the instagram perfectly.
However the background can be changed qccordungly from the colors available in the tool box


Open app and click select oicture


Background color can be changes accordingly

Now if you open Instagram you can see that the picture converted to sqaure shape can be uploaded without cropping it.


And then hit the right arrow at thw top right to upload it and that it .


Get Squareit app for Android click here to download from Google Play


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