Amazon now let you add item to your cart from twitter using hashtag #amazonCart

Amazon and Twitter now bring a new and easy feature to add items to Amazon cart directly from tweets .Now no need to go to the website and search for the item ,just sync you Amazon cart with the twitter account and whenever you see a amazon roduct link on Twitter just reply the tweet with the hashtag #Amazoncart . The item will be added in the cart and whenever you wish to checkout you can .


Samsung Galaxy S5 [Giveaway]

With the launch of Samsung Galaxy S5 in india on first week of april of this year ,we all wanted to get hands on in and here is the good news for all of us that Techguru is giving away this amazing device to one of its readers .



TechGuru is a leading technology site, dedicated to software, gadgets, tech news and reviews. The site offers articles, tutorials and how-to guides on all things related to personal technology, desktop applications, productive online tools, social networking sites, windows, office etc. The blog runs by a tech geek and a Software engineer Shubham Gupta and he has been blogging since many years with the daily dose of tech and latest upcomings in the  mobile phone industry.



To participate in the giveaway you need to go through the Rules and regulations given below:

Rules & Regulations

  • The contest closes on Jun 15, 2014.
  • The contest is managed by RaffleCopter, and the winner would be picked randomly by the same. The result provided by RaffleCopter would be final and binding. 
  • Each entry of the winner would be checked manually, to confirm if he has completed the steps properly. In case of any irregularity with the entry, another winner would be picked up. No gaming the system, no cheating! We’ll be monitoring the entries.
  • Winner would be notified by eMail.
  • The contest is open to all geographic locations and shipping would be done by us.
  • You can complete few entries daily to earn more points, keep a check on them.

Each point you earn will be counted as a unique entry, the more points you earn the better your chances are to win. In short, try to complete as many steps as you can in the widget below; but it is not necessary to complete all step



How to post images to Instagram without crop

Instagram is now becoming a fever among youngesters , selfies , travel pictures, photography and bla bla . People update their every moment of life on it ,But the main issue while posting images to Instagram is that , the picture must be in Square shape .


Otherwise you can’t upload it without cropping it and cropping means that you have to miss your main objects from the image .
To fix this issue there is a app called sqaureit , which is capable of fixing this issue .

How does SQUAREIT works ?
Sqaureit app simply adds some white background to make the image in sqaure shape and then can be fit into the instagram perfectly.
However the background can be changed qccordungly from the colors available in the tool box


Open app and click select oicture


Background color can be changes accordingly

Now if you open Instagram you can see that the picture converted to sqaure shape can be uploaded without cropping it.


And then hit the right arrow at thw top right to upload it and that it .


Get Squareit app for Android click here to download from Google Play

Amazon Appstore gives free apps worth $50 for today

Birthdays are these days meant for givingaway and as expected Amazon offers free $50 apps on its app store .These apps include Worms 2 Armageddon, Swype Keyboard, Runtastic Pro, SketchBook Pro and many more ,which can be checked in the image below .


But this offer is only for few hours ,so hurry up before it goes out of your hands.



List of best photography app on different platforms


1.Retro Camera
this app will make you remember about the older days and very easy to use .

2.Pixlr o-matic
this app is best suited for photo editting .It has more than 100 effects.

as we all know is leading photography app in the list.this app has been hired by facebook few pasts ago .it has very easy UI

if you want to give a effect of broken glass to your image then this is the best app all around .it has more than 150 funny effects.

5.Panorama app:360
if you are going for a trip the this app can rotate 36m degree and also can share to facebok and twitter too

6.PicsArt -photo Studio
for making collage .this app is studio app


1.shutter pro lite
if you have nokia phone userand want to give blur effevt to your pic .

2. CameraFX2.1

3.Fisheye Camera Lense

4.Camera Pro N9 panorama


1.Camera Awesome
with just single click you can sharp ,change contrast,lightingetc

UI is very easy and can chage photo to a greeting card Lab
for making collage ,and has 450 effects

4.Adobe Photo Express
as you all know leading editting app by adobe and systems


1.Photo Studio

2.Photo Mo



5.PhotoClub Free