List of best photography app on different platforms


1.Retro Camera
this app will make you remember about the older days and very easy to use .

2.Pixlr o-matic
this app is best suited for photo editting .It has more than 100 effects.

as we all know is leading photography app in the list.this app has been hired by facebook few pasts ago .it has very easy UI

if you want to give a effect of broken glass to your image then this is the best app all around .it has more than 150 funny effects.

5.Panorama app:360
if you are going for a trip the this app can rotate 36m degree and also can share to facebok and twitter too

6.PicsArt -photo Studio
for making collage .this app is studio app


1.shutter pro lite
if you have nokia phone userand want to give blur effevt to your pic .

2. CameraFX2.1

3.Fisheye Camera Lense

4.Camera Pro N9 panorama


1.Camera Awesome
with just single click you can sharp ,change contrast,lightingetc

UI is very easy and can chage photo to a greeting card Lab
for making collage ,and has 450 effects

4.Adobe Photo Express
as you all know leading editting app by adobe and systems


1.Photo Studio

2.Photo Mo



5.PhotoClub Free